Permaculture Veggie Tower

Eating vegetables are not on the top of everyones list of favourite things to eat and getting children to eat them can be a serious uphill battle. Top Billing’s Janez gets back to his DIY roots to show us a novel way to grow your own veggies at home and get your children involved in the process. Who knows, this may just be the start of a veggie eating revolution!   

Shopping List:
weld mesh 50mm x 50mm
Shade netting 80%
PVC pipe 110mm
PVC end cap
Drainage stones
Compost + Mulch

*Size all depends on how big you want to make it. So 1m mesh = 1m shade netting


– Begin with wire mesh structure, leaving longer pieces to twist around with plyers, holding in place
– Next cut the shade-netting, lay netting flat and roll structure over it to get the correct size
– Place the shade-netting inside the structure, bend protruding tips of mesh structure to secure shad-netting
– Shade netting is folded over at the bottom, then put a few bags of drainage rocks on top of loose netting
– Put a few bags of compost and compost-mulch mix on top for space in the system
– Drill holes in the bottom of the PVC pipe that will be submerged in soil for worms to roam freely
– Tear newspaper and moisten it with water and throw in pipe
– Add worms from a tub – which you can buy at any garden supply store
– PVC pipe cover added to top (which has smaller holes drilled in top for worms to breathe)
– Cut holes in the sides of mesh and cut slits into shade-netting, start placing plants and seedlings inside
– Bigger plants, no more than 3 squares on the sides, largest plants on top